• I Care for Your Brain with Dr. Sullivan

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Respecting the need for healing of both brain and person following a traumatic event like a stroke, board certified neuropsychologist Dr. Karen D. Sullivan offers recovery tools from the fields of both cutting-edge neuroscience and positive psychology. Dr. Sullivan’s Interactive Stroke Recovery Guide focuses on the 10 Rules of Rehab that once learned and used in daily life, can carry you to the best recovery possible– no matter what post-stroke symptoms you are working through. These are the 10 Rules of Rehab the world’s leading brain scientists know contribute to optimal stroke recovery but too often do not trickle down to the very people who would benefit most: stroke survivors! Once you understand and apply Dr. Sullivan’s 10 Rules of Rehab, you will not have to wonder if you are doing enough to reach your full recovery potential. You will be in control. You will know what to do. Because brain health care must be personalized to be most effective, the I CARE FOR YOUR BRAIN interactive Stroke Recovery Guide uses interactive tools to help personalize the knowledge learned, make the information specific to your stroke symptoms, process your unique stroke-related emotional trauma and guide you to the high level recovery you deserve.