• You've Had a Stroke, Now What? Insights from Survivors and Caregivers

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This DVD is packed with life affirming stories, educational and moving testimony, and is guaranteed to lift your spirit!  The DVD is geared toward stroke survivors, caregivers, and family members, but is a wonderful resource for professionals who work in the neurology field and the general public.

The categories are:

1.) The New Normal: Life After a Stroke

2.) Family & Friends: Changing Roles & Relationships

3.) I Need a Nap: Fatigue and Stroke

4.) Darnit! I Know That Word: Dealing with Aphasia

5.) Walking in Your Shoes: Advice FOR Caregivers FROM Caregivers

6.) Facing the Public: Going Out in the World Again After a Stroke

7.) Lean On Me: Stroke Support Groups / Stroke Camp

8.) Five Dark Clouds: Depression, Anger, Frustration, Sadness, Anxiety

9.) True Grit: Perseverance in Recovery

10.) Just One More Time: The Role of Exercise and Repetition in Recovery

11.) Creativity: Music and the Arts after a Stroke

12.) Faith & Inspiration: The Role of a Higher Power

13.) Don’t Forget to Laugh

14.) Attitude & Motivation: Finding Joy Again

15.) Out Takes & Credits

Actual DVD running time is 3 hours 13 minutes.

Please contact us at 866-688-5450 if you are interested in bulk pricing.

Owned and distributed by Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp.  Produced by ABS Productions.